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The troubles

The troubles were a sectarian conflict between 1968-1998 which occured in the Northern Ireland. The sectarian violence between the Protestant Loyalists and Catholic Nationalists(Republicans) was rooted deep down in the history of Ireland and its people starting from the Norman Conquest all the way towards its declaration of independence. While an independent republic was born, it was not fully united as the old oppressor managed to take a big bite out of our blessed nation. With this cheated independence, the Protestants again started their tyranny against our people. Our people are still being harshly treated in our own soil. Negotiations are pointless with the devil as we saw previously since it will always find a way to cheat you as our northern border was cheated from us. When tyranny becomes the control tool, rebellion is a must take action. So come brothers, take your stance against the Brits and join the Rifles of the IRA. Tiocfaidh ár lá!