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A full-scale civil war. More than 90 thousands deaths in the past 4 years. A prolonged famine, causing countless children to starve. 3 millions displaced people. Homelessness, wide-spread diseases, starvation, denied access to healthcare and education. Unstable government, and foreign military intervention from different sides, turning everything into a bloody proxy-war. In 2019, the civil war in Yemen proves to be one of the worst cases of humanitarian crisis we have ever faced. As the new year approaches, we have a new opportunity to stop this madness.


You are invited to the Social, Cultural and Humanitarian Committee (SOCHUM) of BAUMUN’20, where we, as the delegates representing the will of humanity, will work towards a solution to the humanitarian crisis caused by the civil war in Yemen, all together, all united. We want to continue believing in the United Nations General Assembly as the ground where we discuss the worldly problems, and maybe its most important committee, the Third Committee, SOCHUM, as a functional institution. Help us in our mission to save the innocent civilians.