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Letter from secretary general

Honourable Delegates, Board Members, Advisors and Guests,

It is our greatest pleasure and honour to welcome you all to the 2nd edition of BAUMUN which will be held on 7th to 9th of February at Bahçeşehir University Southern Campus which is located at the heart of Istanbul, Beşiktaş.

This year in BAUMUN, we will be simulating six committees, we wanted to tackle human suffrage through war and terror and wanted to tackle this issues from past to present and what might happen in the future. A human goes through so much over the course of their lives and we believe war shouldn’t be one of them, with our five committees tackling this specific issue in a vast timeline, we will also take it to court. More specifically the US Supreme Court, one of the most praised judicial powers around the globe.

The first committee simulation will be the 1989 General Assembly : 1 DISEC, the committee will simulate the 1989’s GA:1 which is a time that is the last quarter of the 20th century with the end of the Cold War in sight, The Iron Curtain itself is starting to falter and tensions seem to grow higher. Delegates will have an unparalleled chance to see the reunification of a nation.

With the topic of Yemeni Civil War, GA: 3 SOCHUM will tackle one of the worst humanitarian crisis that has happened on earth, delegates of social,cultural and humanitarian committee will have the chance to stop it before becoming much worse.

Remembering our past and living our present is one thing, but thinking outside the box and foreseeing the future that’s something! With our Futuristic NATO committee, it’s our focus to shine a light in to the future so that we can be prepared as to what might become a reality.

During these three days, the Troubles committee will simulate one of the biggest problems of the past half century and allow its participants to experience the hardship of the era through the eyes of Irish people.

Our fifth committee which is called Putin’s First Cabinet will try to stop a second dissolution, keeping their nation and its people united will be one of the many challenges they will have in this cabinet.

Last but not least, this year’s court simulation will be the United States Supreme Court known to tackle the most controversial cases in the United States. Our judges and advocates will have the chance to be a part of this court to bestow equality to all Americans. As the final law arbiter protecting the rights of all Americans, US Supreme Court has a lot of weight on its shoulders.

To ensure the best simulation of our committees, we have added a crisis team to our academia. Burak Sözer, who is one of my closest friends, will be the man to lead them. The crisis team will be helping the USG’s and Academic Assistants of our committees to give you a better atmosphere of the committee and the era that the committee takes place in.

Throughout this journey, my colleague and brother from another mother Levent Uzay Özel will accompany me as the Deputy Secretary General of this conference along with the rest of the academic team including our USG’s, Academic Assistants and our Crisis Team with their exceptional academic vision and knowledge. While we prepare the conference in an academic perspective, the Director General İpek Bozbura who is also the president of BAUMUN Society and her Deputy Burcu Kubilay with rest of the Organisation team will work hard to provide you the best BAUMUN experience you’ll ever have. 

With that, I look forward to seeing all of our participants whether being a delegate, administrative staff, press member, board member or an advisor on 7th of February at BAUMUN’20. Welcome to the Bosphorus.

Barış İzzet Sarıahmet

Secretary-General of BAUMUN’20